To excel in marketing, you need a strategy that delivers the results your company wants to achieve. From setting your company's goals to reviewing the results, we can create an effective plan in a few steps. At My GGO, we can create a successful marketing strategy for companies in any industry. A marketing strategy is a plan that outlines the steps your company takes to meet its goals for different platforms. This strategy guides what type of content to publish, what audience to reach, and what actions to support. Many companies rely on a strategy manager or marketing director to develop a strategy for the team members who will implement it, but My GGO can implement innovative practices in this process to help your company grow. Companies in every industry then have the potential to effectively use the marketing strategy to their advantage.

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If you want to continue to win in Internet marketing, your content must be more than just brilliant - it must allow people who consume this content to become a better version of themselves.

Michelle StinsonRoss

Executive Director of Marketing Operations, Apogee Results


Marketing techniques help you inform the widest possible audience about your products or services. You and your customer base benefit from effective marketing techniques. Informing your customers increases their level of trust and encourages them to purchase your products and services. Understanding which techniques will best serve your business will help you increase the prosperity and profits of your company. In this, My GGO can create a strategy and increase your company's sales. Marketing techniques are a method that companies use to interact with their consumers. It is a way for companies to inform their potential and existing clients about the new benefits and features of their products or services. The goal of marketing techniques is to encourage the target group of clients to buy, and thus increase the company's profit. When choosing marketing techniques, it is essential to understand the essence of your company's message, how you can effectively reach the widest possible audience of your clients.

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Many companies have forgotten that they sell to real people. People are interested in the whole experience, not just marketing, sales or services. If you want to really win in modern times, you have to solve problems for people.

Dharmesh Shah

technical director and co-founder of HubSpot


Marketing tactics help you implement a strategy to promote your product and increase brand awareness that connects with your target audience. The strategic plan you have set for your marketing strategy must meet the short-term and long-term goals that expand your company. Therefore, you need to have outlined marketing tactics in order to have an overview of the development of your strategy. Marketing tactics are various techniques used to sell your product or service to clients who are most likely to purchase services or products from your company. These tactics increase the chances that customers will buy from you in the future, given that you have built a stable relationship with them through multiple purchases and interactions. For marketing tactics to be effective, they must be focused on the right market, which requires a comprehensive survey that My GGO can do for you. If we know your target audience, we can use customer service marketing tactics to find out what requirements you need to meet in this market.

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Create something that 100 people love, not something that 1 million people like.

Brian Chesky

co-founder of Airbnb


Digital marketing is advertising or marketing that you provide through digital channels, such as a computer, telephone, or other digital device. There are many types of digital marketing that are used to attract potential customers based on how the company wants to communicate its message. Understanding the different types of digital marketing can help you leverage the practices you want to accomplish in this area. We deal with various types of digital marketing and how to use them effectively. Digital marketing is the marketing or advertising of products, services and companies through electronic devices on various digital platforms. Many companies use digital marketing to reach a large number of potential customers on various platforms, including social media and via e-mail. This type of marketing also allows you to collect data about people who view, like, and buy products or services through ads and various interactions. My GGO analyzes this data to determine the success of a strategy, ad, or entire campaign. We may also use this information in your content and advertising strategies to better target your potential customers at My GGO.

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When people ask me what the return on investment in social networks is, I ask them what the return on investment is in trust and what is the return on investment in loyalty. The answer is that when used to build relationships, the result will be ... a longer lifetime value to the customer, a higher average order value, and an increased purchase frequency. Everything is measurable and everything leads to increased sales and profits.

Ted Rubin

leading social marketing strategist


The company creates a marketing plan to identify its potential customers and determine the best marketing strategies to attract them. Using a variety of metrics and data analysis, My GGO defines channels and methods that will design you to reach your target audience or individuals. My GGO will create a marketing plan that can help you become a more effective marketing or sales professional. We know how to write an effective marketing plan that will attract customers and create brand loyalty for them. A marketing plan is a carefully crafted document that describes your company's marketing efforts. Marketing plans contain important information to turn potential buyers into loyal customers. We have defined components in marketing plans, such as demographics, company goals, and marketing strategies used to achieve those goals.

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The difference between what is expected and what you achieve is a place where miracles happen, in business and in life.

Jay Baer

Founder of Convince and Convert and author of the bestseller New York Times Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help, Not Writing


Thanks to the internet, the competition of companies in the marketing market has increased significantly in recent years, also thanks to the Buzz Marketing method. Companies are going "viral" to generate excitement about their products and are building campaigns based on online social interaction. This marketing is called buzz marketing, and it aims to use social audiences to create lots of conversations around the latest product or service. To do this, My GGO seeks out social influencers to interpret the company's messages in the hope that this will create a sense of excited anticipation around the product in order to sell the product or service. Our goal is to define buzz marketing, outline how to create a buzz marketing campaign, and provide some helpful tips to make your campaign a success. Buzz marketing is also a technique in which marketers use word of mouth advertising to create consumer anticipation for a new product or service. Buzz marketing generates viral enthusiasm by cleverly getting consumers to promote a product or service through conversations with family, friends or on social media. Buzz marketing is known for being driven primarily by social media influencers who get the product before the general public. These individuals share their opinions and experiences in order to create awareness. With an established online presence and an impressive number of followers, a social media influencer has the power to influence your clients' buying decisions. Influencers' opinions typically have a wide reach, so their posts travel quickly online and create excitement around a brand, which can have a huge impact on sales. For these reasons, marketers are looking to engage with these influencers to build anticipation for their new products.

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Talking to customers will increase sales, even if you never mention a product or service.

George Farris

founder of Farris Marketing


Marketing can be just as important to a company's success as the quality of the products and services you offer. A marketing mix is essential for an effective marketing strategy. My GGO perfectly controls the marketing mix and examples of its use. A marketing mix is a combination of marketing methods including advertising, sales, public relations and direct marketing to achieve a specific marketing goal. The promotional mix is usually just part of a larger marketing mix. With us, you can choose to use several methods, or decide that a combination of all methods may be the most effective for your campaign. The traditional promotional mix has four main tools that companies use to create meaning for their service or product and influence the public to buy it. Elements of the promotional mix - The traditional promotional mix has four main tools that companies use to create meaning for their service or product and influence the public to buy it: Advertising - Companies pay to advertise their service or product to a large number of people at the same time. Common forms of advertising include advertisements on television, newspapers, direct mail, radio, magazines, or on the Internet. Sales promotion - Sales promotion are short-term incentives to encourage people to buy a product or service. Examples are coupons, discounts or games and competitions in which the public can participate. Public Relations - This type of promotion informs the public about the company's services and image. Examples are press conferences or press releases. Direct Marketing - This strategy is a more personal approach that targets customers directly through personal promotions, catalogs, emails, phone calls or mail.

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The goal of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service suits him and they sell themselves.

Peter Drucker

Peter Ferdinand Drucker was one of the leading thinkers of 20th century management and business, an American of Austrian descent. He was a sought-after consultant in the field of management, an excellent teacher and lecturer.