Gader Villas

gader villas

For the Gader.Villas brand cooperating with the Muller.Holdings and Muller.Build brands, we created a complete corporate identity and graphic designs for billboards. This development project focuses on the construction of modern real estate, in which ecology, innovative methods and the emphasis on the use of first-class materials play an important role. We have therefore inserted the basic outline of the house and a leaf into the logo, which refers to ecology. The minimalist design is easily recognizable and memorable. It represents modern solutions and innovations, which are one of the main values of the brand. We incorporated the logo into original promotional items, which we tuned to a specific green color. As one of the main forms of marketing communication, we designed exterior billboards. We prepared several graphic designs of billboards, in which we incorporated visualizations of the client's buildings on a characteristic color background.


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