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help & partners

Help & Partners is preparing for expansion in the financial advisory sector, especially in the areas of life and non-life insurance, mortgages, loans and investments. Our task was to create a corporate identity and communication strategy that will inspire a sense of trust and reliability in potential clients. At the same time, it was important to design branding so that the client's company could differentiate itself from considerable competition in this sector. We designed a name consisting of the words Help (helping clients buy financial products) and Partners (the company's financial brokers are partners of their clients, they evoke a feeling of trust and reliability). When designing the logo, we decided on a motif representing communication, which is one of the main values of the company. As a basic brand color we
they chose blue, which represents freedom, trust and reliability. We applied the company logo to several promotional items. We designed several lip designs, incorporated the logo on an umbrella, a flag, a cup and designed a visualization of a car sticker. As part of the communication strategy, we decided to use billboards. We have prepared graphic designs of various billboard and poster formats. In some of them, we have incorporated the faces of real people, which support the authority of the brand and arouse a feeling of trust. We used our photo studio, through which we prepared photographic materials. Our creative team has designed original and easy-to-remember texts that will attract potential customers.


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