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Privacy Policy

Personal Data Administrator

The administrator of personal data is the company is the company express24, spol. sro, ID 46 859 233, with its registered office at Agátová 183/14, 010 01 Žilina, which operates under the name ( You can contact the administrator electronically at, or at t. no. +421 911 385 478. Your personal data is handled with a high degree of prudence in accordance with the standards required by Act no. 18/2018 Coll. On the protection of personal data, as well as regulations Of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (also known as "GDPR").

Website security

To secure the website, it uses the website an encrypted SSL connection, whenever the user connects and transfers any data, thus ensuring, in accordance with modern technical standards, that third parties are prevented from accessing the transmitted data during their transmission on the Internet and that such data is altered by third parties.


When using the website, cookies (small files that monitor the user's activity on the website) may be stored on the electronic device with which the user accesses the website.


The user always has the opportunity to express his consent or refuse the storage of cookies by setting his web browser - by allowing or, conversely, by refusing the storage of cookies. If consent is granted (cookies are allowed), the user's electronic device may store: temporary cookies, which are automatically deleted when the user's Internet browser is turned off, long-term cookies, which are retained in the user's Internet browser even after the user's device is turned off. to the website (these cookies can be deleted by the user at any time and after a few weeks or months they will also be deleted automatically). With his consent, the user also allows the administrator to use cookies for their own registration or statistical purposes, and for the purpose of targeted advertising of partners with whom they have concluded special agreements on displaying advertising on websites. The user's consent lasts as long as the settings of his internet browser are maintained. By changing the user's internet browser settings or prohibiting the use of cookies, the user's consent expires.


The administrator is not responsible for the storage of cookies on third-party websites, or the use of cookies stored on the user's terminal equipment by third parties.


In case of denial of consent (rejection of cookies in the web browser), the administrator cannot guarantee the full functionality of the website.


The user - the affected person during his visit and further use of the website may provide the administrator with his personal data for the purpose of sending messages containing direct marketing content - newsletter. The user's personal data may be provided upon voluntary registration to subscribe to the newsletter using an e-mail address from which his or her identity can be determined, or upon voluntary completion of a contact form associated with selected website content. The administrator may also send newsletters to the user on the basis of his legitimate interest, provided that the conditions set out below are met.


The provision of personal data on the basis of consent is voluntary. A necessary condition for the processing of personal data for the purpose of sending a newsletter to a user who is not a customer of the administrator is granting the user's consent to the processing of personal datato the extent necessary and by sending marketing messages, this consent being the only legal basis for the processing of the data provided by such user (e-mail address).


In the event that the person concerned is a customer of the administrator, we send direct marketing messages to the administrator regarding services that are similar to the services that such a customer has already ordered from us, while the legal basis for such processing of personal data of existing customers is our legitimate interest, as we reasonably assume that our offers are interesting for these customers. Of course, the customer has the option to refuse to send such messages free of charge at any time, either via the link provided in the message or by contacting the administrator via the contacts listed above.


Audio and audiovisual recordings

For the purpose of publishing sound recordings, audiovisual recordings and video recordings from our trainings, we process personal data about you in the scope of the recorded voice and your form only with your consent. Such consent is required from you separately when registering for the training, or before the start of the training, and we keep such personal data for 3 years, or shorter if you revoke this consent during the three years or modify some of your rights below. The purpose of such processing is the presentation and marketing of our company.

Legal reason for processing

Fulfillment of contractual obligations. Personal data is processed for the time necessary to fulfill contractual obligations. Upon termination of the contractual relationship, personal data are stored on the basis of legitimate interests arising from the contractual obligations in question.

User request to contact. The user can  When visiting the website, contact the administrator and provide him / her with his / her personal data for the purpose of contacting him / her. The legal basis for the processing of data provided by the user in such a case is a legitimate interest in contacting the user and providing any answers or advice based on his initiative.

Interest in cooperation. Contact is also possible via the website in order to be interested in cooperation. In order for your profile to be properly assessed, consent is required for the processing of the data specified in the CV or a similar document. Unfortunately, without such consent, it would not be possible to properly evaluate the offer sent to you and respond to it.

Scope of personal data processing

Personal data are processed to the extent that they have been provided to the controller (ie in particular name, surname, permanent residence address, date of birth), while the scope of processed personal data results mainly from the nature of the reason on the basis of which they are processed by the company. The accuracy of personal data is not guaranteed by anything when the company is based on data sent or expressed by their provider.

Personal data processing time

Personal data will be processed for the period of validity of the legal basis for their processing, or for the necessary period of time for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations arising from legal regulations, and after its termination they will be disposed of in accordance with applicable law.

Recipients of personal data

In addition to the administrator - the company, third parties may also have access to the personal data provided by you. Third parties may include accounting service providers, IT service providers, newsletter service providers, cookie companies, as well as persons authorized by the controller to process personal data for the purpose of providing marketing services.

Personal data processing time

Personal data will be processed for the period of validity of the legal basis for their processing, or for the necessary period of time for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations arising from legal regulations, and after its termination they will be disposed of in accordance with applicable law.

Rights of the person concerned

Right of access to personal data means that the data subject has the right to obtain information from the controller - the company about whether he processes his personal data and, if so, what data it is and how it is processed. The data subject also has the right to have the controller correct, at his request, inaccurate personal data concerning him without undue delay. The data subject has the right to supplement incomplete personal data at any time.


Right of deletion personal data represents, in other words, the obligation expressed by the controller to destroy personal data which he processes about the data subject, provided that certain conditions are met and the data subject requests it. The right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time does not apply in the case of processing of personal data due to the performance of the contract or other legitimate interest, not on the basis of consent to the processing.


The data subject has the right to have the controller restrict the processing of his or her personal data in certain cases. Processing, which is based on the legitimate interests of the controller, a third party or is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority, shall have the right to object at any time.


The right to data portability gives the data subject the opportunity to obtain the personal data which he / she has provided to the controller in a standard and machine-readable format. He may then pass this data on to another administrator or, if technically possible, request that the administrators pass it on to each other.


In the event that the person concerned is in any way dissatisfied with the processing of his personal data by the controller, he may file a complaint directly with him or contact the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic.

More information on the client's rights is available on the website of the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic. (

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