This project was created together with the OK region project, thanks to the cooperation of Slovak and Czech local governments, with the aim of making visible and popularizing the Bystrická dolina area and the Stonávka River Basin micro-region in the Czech Republic. These regions bring great potential for tourism. Within the project, we acted as a subcontractor for the general contractor. The region is adorned by the natural beauties of Mala Fatra, the open-air museum in Vychylovka and the church in Radôstka. As a part of the project identity design, we provided several graphic works, especially the design of the logo and its applications. When designing the logo, we decided to use the traditional Slovak pattern and we subsequently applied the logo to postal envelopes, stamps and printed matter. An essential part of the project's identity were promotional items. To highlight the rich history of the region, we used the application of the logo on antiques and fabrics, which we documented in the form of photographs. We also used our video production to prepare authentic promotional materials. We also created a complete campaign strategy, thanks to which we effectively targeted the project.

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The OK region project was created on the basis of cooperation between cross-border partners - the Bystrická dolina Microregion in Slovakia and the Stonávka River Basin Microregion in the Czech Republic. The goal of the OK region project is to promote tourism in these localities by a modern presentation of natural beauties and traditions. We have prepared a complete brand identity for the project, including a logo and branding applications for promotional materials. When designing the logo, we decided for a minimalist design with the letters OK evoking the human figure. We chose a blue colored background, which gives the brand a modern feeling. We have incorporated the logo into practical advertising items. This branding strategy allows you to naturally increase project awareness and brand strength. We designed other forms of brand communication, especially promotion in the form of billboards and citylights. When creating graphic designs for billboards and citylights, we designed the slogan "interesting region" to increase the interest of passers-by and thus directly strengthen the conversion rate. 

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Mucha apartments are luxury family apartments in the heart of Terchová, which are ready to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Our task was to create a unique corporate identity that would represent the basic values and benefits that the client offers. Since the name Mucha apartments is related to the band of the Mucha brothers, which is very popular in Terchová, we decided to incorporate traditional violin into the logo. These ones have become a basic characteristic element, which we have also used on business cards, advertising posters, envelopes and other printed matter. We also designed the slogan: "A house full of good tones". We supported the graphics by our photo and video studio, through which we took authentic shots highlighting the atmosphere and experiences that a potential client can see in the apartments. When designing billboards, we mainly used the visuals of the surrounding Terchová nature. We incorporated photos from all seasons into the design of billboards to reach its all seasons use.

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