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Megawaste company operates in the waste management sector. Its portfolio includes Service, Facility Management and Waste Management brands. It emphasizes ecology and high quality services in international standards. We used our graphic services to represent the main values and activities of the client's brand. Within them, we incorporated the corporate identity into printed matter and business cards. We created a poster design with a natural theme, which refers to the ecological focus of the company. We chose green, gray and white as the main colors of the brand. We have designed shades that capture attention, are easy to remember and differentiate the brand from competitors. We also supplemented the basic colors and logo with a set of graphics that represent the basic activities and values of the company. We also incorporated these graphics into printed matter and posters. As part of the strategy of building and strengthening the brand identity, we decided to use original promotional items. When designing promotional items, we created several color variations of mugs. We also applied the brand identity to ashtrays, pens and umbrellas.

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For this company, we have created brand identities of several brands belonging to its portfolio - Facility Management, Service and Waste Management. Megawaste is a leading service provider in the waste management industry. It has been operating on the market for more than 15 years and its goal is to constantly innovate and expand its portfolio of services. As part of creating a corporate identity, we presented several solutions. We have created a complete brand manual for logos, business cards and envelopes. By designing the logo, we decided for gray, green and blue, which symbolizes purity, ecology and innovation. We added a set of graphics that represent the basic activities and values of the company to the basic colors and logo. We created several billboards and graphic poster designs. We supported the brand identity by original promotional items. In addition to graphic designs, we provided solutions as part of a communication strategy and through our photo and video studio we prepared several personalized promotional materials. We made adjustments to the website for the client and started promoting it on social networks. Portfolio detail

We established cooperation with Megawaste company in the year 2015. In addition to the Facility Management and Service brands, its portfolio also includes the Waste Management brand operating in the waste management sector. Our task was to create a holding corporate identity and the identity of individual product lines, which reflects the core values ​​of the corporation, especially ethical business with a focus on ecology, environmental thinking, building the trust, teamwork and innovative solutions. As the basis of corporate identity, we decided to choose a green graphic design that represents the ecological focus and innovation. We supplemented the basic colors of the brand by a set of minimalist graphics representing the basic values and activities of the client, which were used in advertising posters. We have designed billboards, posters and advertising citylights, which naturally fit into the surrounding environment, but at the same time attract attention and build the image of a modern and ecological company. As part of corporate identity, we have prepared several visualizations of vehicle stickers in accordance with the basic colors - green, white and gray. We decided to support Brand with a wide range of promotional items. Since one of the basic values of the client is teamwork, we came up with proposals for advertising items that represent teamwork.

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