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Company Helvet focuses on the production of paints for roads and surrounding infrastructure, as well as building facades. Our task was to create graphic designs to support corporate identity and brand strength. When creating graphic designs, we paid attention to color and variety. One of our solutions was the company calendar for 2020, in which we decided to incorporate exotic animals. They are the carrier of color, a symbol of uniqueness and emphasis on detail. Based on the calendar, we have prepared several separate wall paintings. One of the basic representative elements of the company are business cards. In the case of business cards, we decided for a minimalist design with the main shades of color. To make the brand more visible when communicating with customers and business partners, we designed a graphic background for letters and documents, which carries the basic color elements of the brand. We also incorporated design and color emblems into the design of folders for storing documents.

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The multinational German company Scheidt & Bachmann focuses on the development of solutions in the field of transport, marking, parking and fuel distribution. It has been operating on the market since 1872 and thanks to its operations in several key countries around the world, it is able to move forward and build its position as a leader in its segment. Our cooperation with this company consisted mainly in providing of video studio services, through which we prepared original promotional materials representing the company, its main values and activities. We have also designed graphic solutions that represent the corporation towards potential customers and visitors of the areas. We have prepared a draft of notebook. We incorporated the structure of graphics representing the main activities and values of the company into its design. It thus expresses the complexity of the services offered and their interconnection. We created the design of a folding information leaflet for company visitors, in which we inserted the basic graphic features of the brand and key information. Portfolio detail

Coreta is one of the largest Slovak companies operating in the field of printing business cards, letterheads, books, calendars, leaflets, catalogs, as well as many other corporate publications. It provides professional solutions for a wide range of clients, from individual customers, through advertising agencies, to large corporations, to which we had to adapt the entire corporate identity design and brand strategy. We incorporated a printing machine and colors into the logo. We prepared several graphic banner designs, in which we applied original font styles or a chameleon, which is a symbol of variety. We designed billboards that attract potential customers with their color, distinctive design, but at the same time a precisely targeted representation of the basic values ​​and activities of the company. We enriched promotional materials with posters and a graphic design of a tarpaulin for a truck trailer. In addition to graphic solutions, we provided our photo studio services and innovated the website. We decided to involve mainly social networks to the online communication strategy.

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