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Gastro and drinks

The goal of the collaboration was to create a unique corporate identity supported by promotional items and billboards. When designing the logo, we decided for a simple and easy-to-remember retro design that reflects the rich history of this business and the original atmosphere of its spaces. In the case of billboards, we designed a round shape with a white-black design of the logo. This solution allowed the Gourmet Club community to excel among other companies based on the same street and attract passers-by. Internal branding is extremely important in the restaurant business, therefore we placed great emphasis on promotional items. We designed t-shirts and aprons for waiters and chefs, which we complemented with an original cloth bag. We incorporated the company logo on wine bottles, for which we prepared graphic designs of paper bags and a wooden crate. Cups are an integral part of every club. The basic color themes - dark gray and white, we used in the design of original mugs with a logo. We created several decorative graphics that represent the atmosphere of the club.

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We have prepared a new Green Tree brand for the Šuška Wine winery, for which we have created a brand identity as well. When creating the logo, we worked with the theme of a tree leaf. We made the logo in 3 color variations, which corresponded to the color of the wines. Thanks to the original color design of the bottles, we were able to distinguish the Green Tree brand from other brands. For each color variant of the bottle, we prepared a graphic design of a paper bag. We created bottle label designs with incorporated several key representative elements of the brand. We applied the signature of the owner of the winery to the front of the label, which evokes a feeling of originality in customers. Our creative team has enriched the label on the bottles with an original story of winery.

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