Non - profit organizations

As part of our cooperation with Megawaste, we also arranged the creation of a corporate identity for the foundation, which is focused on education in the field of ecology and nature protection. The task was to present the basic mission and values of the foundation to the widest possible range of the population. When creating the graphic design of the logo, we decided to use the theme of a heart created from colored squares. The logo represents life, its variousness and encourages to open up to new trends and ideas. We have prepared several billboards designed for urban conditions, which we have decided to match in darker natural colors. The minimalist, simple and natural design of billboards stands out in an urban environment and forces passers-by to slow down and consider its main idea. We designed posters within the corporate identity. We decided to supplement the standard billboards with smaller billboards mounted on a bicycles, which reflect the main values of the foundation, especially the ecological way of life. We have included the graphic design of the flag among the original forms of branding. We also incorporated the foundation's logo on promotional items.

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