Clothes and footwear

This well-known manufacturer of socks asked us with a request to create graphic designs of labels and packaging of Tatra socks brand products. It includes several product lines, including socks for running, skiing, hiking, relaxation, indoor sports and medical socks. We have created original graphic packaging designs for individual product lines. We have incorporated combinations of strong colors into the designs, which give the brand a modern feeling. We also applied visualizations of athletes, which symbolize dynamism and resilience. We combined graphic designs with creative texts presenting the key benefits of individual products and innovations. By combining individual solutions, we have managed to create a communication strategy that will appeal to the right customers and represent the company in a modern style. Portfolio detail

This project was created together with the OK region project, thanks to the cooperation of Slovak and Czech local governments, with the aim of making visible and popularizing the Bystrická dolina area and the Stonávka River Basin micro-region in the Czech Republic. These regions bring great potential for tourism. Within the project, we acted as a subcontractor for the general contractor. The region is adorned by the natural beauties of Mala Fatra, the open-air museum in Vychylovka and the church in Radôstka. As a part of the project identity design, we provided several graphic works, especially the design of the logo and its applications. When designing the logo, we decided to use the traditional Slovak pattern and we subsequently applied the logo to postal envelopes, stamps and printed matter. An essential part of the project's identity were promotional items. To highlight the rich history of the region, we used the application of the logo on antiques and fabrics, which we documented in the form of photographs. We also used our video production to prepare authentic promotional materials. We also created a complete campaign strategy, thanks to which we effectively targeted the project. Portfolio detail

The vision of this upcoming clothing brand was to create original T-shirts with the theme of escutcheons of individual Slovak municipalities. The goal of our cooperation was to design the graphic design of T-shirts that will attract a wide range of potential customers. We decided for modern - looking polo shirts with a collar. When creating visualizations, we based on the escutcheons of individual municipalities, which we used as the basic themes of T-shirts. With the optimal combination of colors and graphics based on escutcheons, we managed to create modern designs that represent and make visible individual municipalities. Portfolio detail