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law firms

The client was interested in creating the basic elements of corporate identity, especially logos, graphic designs of business cards, documents and promotional items. The law firm offers comprehensive legal services in the highest international standards. The firm's main values include efficiency and high quality of services, which had to be represented within the corporate identity. When designing the logo, we decided for a minimalist modern design, which symbolizes trust, precision and reliability. We have prepared several unique color alternatives for logo applications on various substrates. We mainly used brown and gold color themes that evoke the impression of prestige and uniqueness. When designing business cards, we chose a more conservative graphic design. Within promotional items, we focused mainly on paper folders, notebooks and pens. We took care of selection of the best quality design pens, on which we incorporated the logo of the law firm. In addition to the traditional dark color combinations, we have chosen brighter green and red colors for some pen and notebook designs, which represent the individual product lines of the brand. Portfolio detail

We prepared graphic designs of a complete corporate identity for the client, we created professional promo photos, we provided services in the area of web development and social network management. When designing the logo, we decided for a minimalist circular design, which represents a round table, symbolizes the grinding of edges and a smooth problem-solving process. In the case of business cards, we have enriched the logo with several color alternations expressing dynamics and innovations, which are one of the main values of the client. We have prepared a design of an elegant backlit logo on the wall representing exclusivity. At law firms, it is very important that they inspire a sense of trust and reliability in potential customers. Therefore we decided to include authentic photographs of lawyers and their law office among the basic representative materials. We created several strategic photos and videos that reflect the core values of the client. To keep a modern form of communication with customers, we designed websites and invented effective ways of communicating through social networks.  Portfolio detail