How to properly secure your Facebook account?

Facebook is a part of everyday life for the vast majority of the population. On this social network, people share their personal achievements, follow celebrities, competitions or the latest news. Nowadays, however, there are a number of fraudsters who know how to hack an account in a simple way. This will cause a lot of damage, which is why we have prepared a brief overview for you for the perfect security of Facebook.


Whether someone has "broken into" your life in Facebook or, fortunately, not yet, in any case it is necessary Thoroughly protect your account. Nowadays, there are many possibilities for protecting accounts on social networks. When you have Facebook security equipped to a high standard, hackers will not have any chance.

Secure your account with a password

The basic step to perfect account protection is set your password. It should consist of lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as certain numbers or characters. It is important that you enjoy it chose a different passwordas you use on others social networks, for example on Instagram.

For your own security do not divulge your password to anyone and keep it a secret. Don't use simple passwords in the form of yours phone number or birthday. A hacker could figure it out in a simple way, so come up with something much more demanding.


Set up a private account

The best Facebook security is also when you set everything as a private account. This also applies Instagram. Of course, in terms of marketing company, she shares her posts publicly. Even in this case, however, you can be careful on dangerous messages, account balance changes or to suspicious comments under posts.


If you are sure that some of the users are interfering with you Facebook account, you have the option of this person block. You can also choose to have your posts only friends to see, or people to whom likes your site. This way, you also have the opportunity attract new customers.


Alerts on various suspicions

Facebook is also popular for a number of functionsthat it brings with it. The setting of alerts for various is also a proof suspicious logins or messages. You can choose alternate email, to which you will receive all messages from Facebook.


Another option is setting your phone numberwhen you get notifications via SMS messages. In case that Facebook detects suspicious activity, asks you first whether it was you or not. If you click the option that it doesn't, at the moment of hacking Facebook blocks and won't even have a chance to get into your account.

Facebook security check

Facebook also offers the option rapid security checks. This means that in a few seconds through the settings you can verify whether you have strong enough password, double sign - on, alternate email or phone number.


You can also check which devices you are logged in currently or during previous days or months.

From devices you do not use, you have the option log out with one clickby which significantly increase the security of your Facebook account. You can also see the most recently sent messages and in case of suspicion in the settings you can act immediately.


Don't share everything on Facebook

The basic rule is that you do they have protected their privacy. In case you are on social networks like Facebook and Instagram Share really everything hackers get into your account easy to get. The reason is that they will have enough information about you and also about each of your steps.


Share your successes and different experiences, but not that must not exceed a certain limit. Hacking an account is a serious problem that is often the case difficult to solve. In some cases, it must hit the police or another Internet fraud company.


Facebook account security is really simple. It can be said that it will take you minimum time and just a few clicks are enough to protect you yourself, or your family or business. Social networks can be very dangerous. That's why you should take the time to check your security right now.


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